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Hemp Wick Candles

Carved Candle Business Workshop

Carved Candle Business Workshop

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This workshop is for candle maker's, and those wanting to become candle maker's, interested in adding dip and carve candles to their business or wanting to start a dip and carve candle business of their own. We have done the work and research for you. You just have to come learn the skill in our shop.

This workshop is only open to Candle Maker's at least 50 Miles Away from a Hemp Wick Candles Store and have a registered business.

The workshop is a one on one workshop that is 5 days long. Workshop days are held Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 6pm during normal retail hours. There is a reduced one day course available as well, that provides very basic information and practice. The one day is more of a trial day to see if candle carving is really a skill you would like to pursue. You can always come back and do the 5 Day course later. 

Candle maker's will learn the art of candle carving, tips and tricks, where to buy equipment and supplies, as well as pricing, packaging, and shipping. Everything maker's learn will be inside a workbook they get to keep (5 Day).

Candle Maker's will get the chance to dip and carve each day of class and keep their creations. A completion certificate will be given to each attendee at the end of the workshop (5 Day). 

5 Day Workshop Price Includes:

- 40 Hours of Hands On Learning

- Workbook w/ Supplier Info

- 2 Cases of Wax for Practice

- Starter Carving Set 

- One Candle Mold Set

- Instructor Teaching Fee

- Completion Certificate

- One Year of Phone/Email Support After Class Pertaining to Anything in the Workbook

One Day Workshop Price Includes

- 8 Hours of Hands On Learning

- 1 Case of Wax for Practice

- Instructor Teaching Fee 

- 3 Months Phone/Email Support for Carving Help

*Please note that if you book on a day that someone is scheduled for the 5 day course, we may need to reschedule your day as 5 day course participants take priority over 1 day participants. We will contact you if a reschedule is required, or you can email us at before booking to make sure your date is not booked. 

Maker's are responsible for their own travel, food, and lodging for the duration of the workshop. We can provide you with a list of hotels nearby if you email us. 

A non-refundable deposit of half the workshop is required at time of booking and the other half is due 30 days prior to your workshop. Your workshop will not start or commence without final payment. You will receive an invoice 30 days prior to your workshop. Workshop's are not refundable. If you must cancel your workshop  you may reschedule one time, but dates are based on availability. There will be a waiting list. If you must leave your workshop in the middle, we will work with you to reschedule, but your payment will not be refunded. We will hold on to your supplies for your rescheduled date. 

Please note, if you decide to make full payment during booking, you may reschedule your event date one time and transfer your payment to the next event date that bookings are available. You must reschedule at least 30 days in advance. Just contact us to reschedule. 

Workshop's are non- refundable regardless of when they are cancelled, so we urge you to only book with the non-refundable deposit instead of making full payment when booking; in case something happens last minute. No shows will not receive a refund under any circumstance. This is because we must order supplies far enough in advance of your date to ensure it's available for you. Your deposit covers your supplies. 

5 Day Workshop Curriculum and Schedule:

Introductions, The History of Carved Candles, Supply Basics, Equipment and Molds, Carved Candle Care, Carved Candle Safety, Pricing, Q&A Discussion, Troubleshooting, Dip and Carve Practice, Candle Add Ons, Shipping, and Closing Discussion. 

1 Day Workshop Curriculum

Opening the machine, machine basics, temperatures, making molds, hands on practice. 

**The workshop can be written off as a business training or research and development expense.

**There will be no workshop's between Thanksgiving and New Years. 

Workshops are only available to businesses who are at least 50 miles away from a Hemp Wick Candles LLC ™️ store. Attendees must have a registered business to attend. Your business does not need to be open to attend, just registered. All materials provided are protected by copyright and trademark law and cannot be reused or shared among non workshop attendees. If a business would like all of their staff trained, please email us for a private discounted workshop at Attendees understand they will be working with hot wax, flame, and sharp knives that could result in serious injury, disfigurement, or death, and agree to not hold Hemp Wick Candles LLC, or it's employees, instructors, volunteers, landlords, or any of it's associated subsidies liable for such injuries, disfigurement, or death. By purchasing a workshop you acknowledge and agree to all of the terms listed in this description. 

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