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Leaf Wax Melt Refills - Hemp Wick Candles

Leaf Wax Melt Refills

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We are now offering refills for leaf wax melts if the customer returns the green glass leaf melt jars without any defects. Refills are 50% off the original leaf wax melt jar price. 

This item will always show as sold out on the website to prevent refills being added to cart for first time orders. For customers needing a refill, please email us to do a manual order. 

Refilled jars will contain the same scent from the original order, so please leave labels intact. Please do not request a different scent than originally ordered.

Customer's are responsible for shipping the jar back to us. We will ship your refill for free. Local customer's can schedule a drop off time with the company by sending us an email. Local customers can have their refilled jar delivered for free. Orders for refills will not be shipped until the refill jar is received and inspected for damage. 

Any jars returned for refill that are damaged, missing the lid, or missing a label will be charged $8 to equal the cost of buying a new leaf wax melt jar. No refunds on jars or shipping rates that result in damage from shipping. 

To ship glass jars it is best to insert bubble wrap inside the empty jar, put the jar lid back on, and wrap bubble wrap around the outside of the jar. then place the jar in packaging not much larger than the jar itself. Larger bubble wrap cushions the candle well during shipping. Pro Savings Tip: Save the original packaging your wax melts came in and use to ship back to us for refill. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

Please indicate the refill scent form your previous order in your email.