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6 Pack Unscented Tea lights - Hemp Wick Candles

6 Pack Unscented Tea lights

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Tea lights. You either love them, or prefer something flashier right? Our founder Gloria struggled with adding this product to her line. She was one who didn't use tea lights often. They were kind of an afterthought in these days of wax warmer popularity. However, her husband reminded her of their first place together, and all of the places the military took them after, and how tea lights were one of those staple home decor items they always used to relax after a long day. She realized he was right, and below are the details to the finished product. 

6 pack of 0.7 oz. unscented tea lights. Made of100% organic soy wax grown in the U.S.A tea with our signature organic hemp wicks dipped in beeswax.