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Dip and Carve Candles

Coming Soon! Join us in store to make your own Dip and Carve Candle, buy a premade Dip and Carve Candle, or order a Custom Dip and Carve Candle. Premade and Custom Dip and Carve Candles will be available for purchase online as well.

This type of candle making dates back to the 16th century and was first seen in Germany and Holland. The candles are made of food grade parrafin and organic cotton wicks. The craft has not changed much since the process began in the 1600's! 

These are forever candles, and the design is preserved in clear acrylic candle gloss. Our recommended candle care instructions will be included with your purchase. We recommend using an electric tea light or votive so that your candle lasts for generations to come. We do carry realistic electric tea lights to order with your candle.