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Updates for 2023

My last blog was kind of emotional, so I deleted it. Good or bad times, we are moving on and continuing to plan for the future. With that said, we have some exciting updates for 2023 that will aid in the price increase blow. I know everyone is tired of hearing about price increases. I am too, and I'm sad to have to raise my prices too, but we are where we are in the world.

First, pricing. Our cost to make our candles has increased significantly since starting out two years ago, so our pricing will reflect those added costs starting January 1st, 2023. Our Black Oval candles will increase to $28 a piece. Our wax melts will increase to $12 a piece. Wax Melt refills will increase to $6 a piece.

According to a whole lot of financial experts I've consulted, that is the pricing I need to have to operate in a physical space and hire staff. This is also so that we can remain competitive in our national and global sales, in our wholesale, and in our private label contracts. We understand that pricing could hurt our local customers, so more on that below! 

Please keep reading because I promise there is good news! 

With that information, I want to announce that in February we will be starting a Candle Exchange Program. Customer's with a verified previous purchase will be able to return their empty candle jar and exchange it for a new candle at 50% off the initial price ($14). Customers will not be required to select the same scent for exchange like with the wax melts, since we are not refilling the same jar. Old jars will be recycled into testing jars or wickless candles. This will be open to online and local customers! 

We previously had a customer loyalty program that used points off purchases. No one used their points, so we got rid of the program. The Candle Exchange Program will become our customer loyalty program. Over time this will actually save customer's more money than what they are at the current pricing. This will also help reduce environmental waste, and help us reduce some operating costs.

Okay, on to better stuff, we will also be reducing the amount of classes we have currently, and produce a more organized consistent calendar. This will allow us to offer some walk in availability in store. We also have some other non candle classes planned, so stay tuned for that!

We are planning to offer shelf rent to local or non local vendors wanting to showcase their products in a store. If interested, you can email us at We will be seeking out a variety of vendors, so please don't hesitate to contact us to have a conversation! 

We are adding Carved Candle Workshops for candle maker's! We are going to start with two in summer of 2023 and go from there based on interest. We currently already have candle maker's on a waiting list for those, so please reach out if you are interested!

While talking about candle maker's, we have had several hobbyists ask us to start carrying candle and soap making supplies. We hope to launch that inventory sometime in 2023. We are in talks with several suppliers on the subject.

We are also still in Trademark process, and will have updates on that in January! Once Trademark is finished up we plan to continue on our mission to franchise Hemp Wick Candles! 

Lastly, we hope during all of this to add some new fragrances. We will be taking a break from orders starting Christmas Eve through January 31st, 2023. We will announce the reason why in the coming weeks ahead, so stay tuned! 

As always, thank you for supporting small business! 

- Gloria 💚

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