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Hemp Wick Candles

Vendor Shelf Rent

Vendor Shelf Rent

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Contract must be signed before placing items on shelves. Please see full contract and policies before purchasing. 

Some Additional Info:

- Initial vendors will get the use of two shelves as demand allows. This could be reduced to one shelf with an increase in demand. 

- Vendors who pay their rent by the year and teach a class will receive one month of rent free per year.

- Vendors who teach a class will keep 75% of their ticket sales. We will keep 25%. 

- Vendors who do not rent a shelf but want to teach a class during the year will keep 50% of their ticket sales, and we will keep 50% of ticket sales. Or vendors can opt to use our space for $50 per hour and keep 100% of their ticket sales.

- Vendor class pricing will start at $30 per person or $50 per couple. If ticket prices must be higher, please let us know in advance of the event. 

- Vendors cannot have competing products. Products must be approved by Hemp Wick Candles staff before being placed in the store.

- Vendors set their own product pricing and sales. 

- Vendors are responsible for keeping track of their own inventory and seasonal displays. 

- Vendors keep 100% of product sales minus rent and sales tax. If sales do not cover rent for the month then rent is due by the last day of the month. 

- Vendors will receive their prior month profits by the first Saturday of the next month. Vendors will be paid in by PayPal. PayPal deposits will be deposited by the 10th of the month. This is to align with our electronic bookkeeping. 

- Hemp Wick Candles will market Vendors, their products, and their events online and across all social media. 

- Floor rent is for larger items that will not fit on a standard shelf, or for those who have their own shelf display. Shelves must be pre-approved by Hemp Wick Candles staff before being placed.

- We welcome collaborative ideas for events. 

No direct sales or MLM's are permitted. There are no refunds on shelf rent. Monthly contracts are on a month to month basis after 90 days. Annual contracts can switch to month to month after the first 12 months. 

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