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Hemp Wick Candles

Carved Candle Oil Lamp

Carved Candle Oil Lamp

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This is a keepsake candle that's been hand dipped and carved by our staff. The candle is meant to be a lasting gift. It's made of food grade parrafin wax, and includes a fiberglass forever wick with refillable oil well on the top, and a predrilled bottom with electric tea light. Lamp also includes a 2oz starter bottle of liquid paraffin lamp oil. After carving it's preserved in water based acrylic to protect the candle design. Each candle includes a detailed candle care sheet. 

*No two candle designs are exactly the same. Candles are around 10 to 13 in. high and weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. Every candle includes 3 to 4 different colors. Liquid paraffin/lamp oil sold separately in large refill bottles. 

Email us for designs available. We will be adding pictures of stock as they are made. 

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