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Hemp Wick Candles

Carved Candle w/ Wick

Carved Candle w/ Wick

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This is a keepsake candle that's been hand dipped and carved by our staff. The candle is meant to be a lasting gift, but can be burned. It's made of food grade parrafin wax, and includes an organic cotton wick. After carving it's preserved in water based acrylic to protect the candle design. Each candle includes a detailed candle care sheet. 

*No two candle designs are exactly the same. Candles are around 10 to 13 in. high and weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. Every candle includes 3 to 4 different colors. Candles do not include a drilled bottom or tea light. We are converting our premade inventory to all oil lamps. Once these are sold out they will only be offered in classes. Email us for available inventory. 

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