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Candle Business Boot Camp

Candle Business Boot Camp

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Okay, so since opening a brick and mortar store I have had several customers say they wish they knew how to start a candle business, or a business in general. I especially get asked if I can teach them how once they learn how fast I grew my business. So after much thought, I decided to create a virtual boot camp with an optional candle making kit so participants can learn the art of candle making and the different aspects of creating a business/side hustle as well. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but you don't have to.

This class will be offered virtually or in store. Choose between the options in the drop down menu. Classes are scheduled as filled. Classes will be limited to 6 participants at a time. Only the ticket purchaser will be permitted to attend. Anyone else in camera view will cause the participant to be removed from the class. The class will not be recorded and is subject to copyright laws. No one is to attend in store sessions that has not purchased a ticket.

The candle making kits will include everything you need to get started making candles (small batch), and resources on where to buy additional equipment to help your business grow. Kits will be shipped two weeks prior to class time and will include everything in our adult virtual candle making class, but fragrance will vary. In store class participants will resident their kit the first day of class.

Tickets are nonrefundable. If for some reason you buy the boot camp and cannot attend the live class session, please email us to get you rescheduled. If you prefer a one on one class rather than a group class, please select that option from the drop down menu.

Participants will be invited to join a private Facebook group for support and resources after they finish the boot camp.


Week 1 - 2 Hour - Candle Making Class with Expanded Fragrance Blending Discussion

Week 2 - 1 Hour - Handmade Maker Insurance

Week 3 - 1 Hour - Naming Your Business and Creating a Logo and Branding

Week 4 - 1 Hour - Business Filing 

Week 5 - 1 Hour - Trademark Importance

Week 6 - 1 Hour - Supplies and Marketing

Week 7 - 1 Hour - Website and Photography

Week 8 - 1 Hour - Wholesale and Private Label Basics